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CAEA holds three major events a year. In the Spring, the "Art for US" Conference offers between four to six workshops. In the summer, CAEA members display their personal artwork in the CAEA Educator Art Exhibition. The three day Fall Conference is CAEA's highlight of the year, scheduling over 100 workshops, notable keynote speakers, and a vendor hall. 

Upcoming events

    • May 17, 2014
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (MDT)
    • Arapahoe Community College Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Center at 2400 W. Alamo Ave, Littleton, Co 80160
    Art For Us

    The Spring Art Conference focuses on the Artist in each of us. It is a time for us to come together and make some great art! Learn from leading artists in Pastels, Metalsmithing, Ceramics and More!

    Located at the 
    Arapahoe Community College Art and Design Center
     2400 W. Alamo Ave,  Littleton, CO

    May 17, 2014
    Registration opens at 7:30
    11:30-11:45 door prize gathering with 1 hour lunch break to follow

    Early Registration open until May 10
    Please Join us to Register on-site!
    Please come early for on-site registration additional fee of $20
    Members $65 and Non-Members $85

    Art For Us Class Offerings

    Full Class description, Artist bios and supply list

    Old Master Drawing: Silverpoint, Chiaroscuro, and Les Trois Crayons Techniques

    Drawing Large Organic Imagery
    - Tadashi Hayakawa

    Tadashi‘s workshop will explore a sensitive and ethereal approach to charcoal, pencil combined with non-traditional mediums Participants will work from life. Tadashi will share his techniques and will work in a large format. This is a perfect workshop for the person who loves drawing and painting. Students will work with canvas.

    Revamp your ceramic lessons with a focus on clay surface treatment options
    Jenny Gawronski

    This course will cover a range of surface treatment techniques to be used on green-ware and bisque fired clay that can be used in K-12 ceramic lessons. We will look at historical and contemporary approaches to how to enhance ceramic forms using a variety of surface treatments. Learn Slip-sgraffito, painting, stencils, inlay, carving, and other application techniques. Glaze: Layering using wax and tape. Decals: How to create, order, and use. During the workshop we will learn from Powerpoint presentations, personal reflection, lesson design, and hands on demonstrations.Each participant will leave with practical techniques to use in K-12 lessons and test tiles for each technique. Additional $5 fee for materials will be charged on site.

    Cloudscapes -
    Kathy Beekman

    Clouds have been an object of fascination throughout history and Da Vinci spent hours studying them. This class will explore the basic forms of clouds and their implications for color in the landscape. Fine tune your powers of observation in this very focused and exploratory workshop. Instructor Kathy Beekman receives rave reviews from her students. She creates a comfortable learning environment where class participants excel in the world of soft pastel. Participants do not need prior pastel experience.

    Wintergreen Transfer Workshop
    - Ramona Lapsley

    Wintergreen Oil is used as a medium to force copy ink out of copy paper onto another surface, in this case printmaking paper. We will take fresh (0-3 days) black and white photocopies, rub wintergreen oil on the back side, and transfer the image onto printmaking paper by using a printing press. This image can then be drawn, layered, or printed onto later. We will have time to do this transfer and then flexible with other printing processes as time and participant interest allows.

    - Amy Bailey

    Fold-forming is a metalworking technique created by Charles Lewton-Brain. Metal is folded, forged, annealed, and unfolded repeatedly to create complex forms without soldering. Interesting forms or textures can be achieved in a short period of time. Participants will use a thin gauge of copper with hammers, mallets, an anvil, vise, and rolling mill. During the workshop you will create many samples and shown how they can be applied towards jewelry or hollowware.

    Using Resin
    -Kym Bloom

    In this class you will learn the basics of working with a two-part epoxy resin. Resin can be used as a coating, as well as for creating jewelry and mixed-media artwork. You will learn how to safely work with resin, proper mixing techniques, adding color dyes and pigments, and how to get a smooth surface with no bubbles. You will make one piece during the class -- a small canvas piece that can either be painted or done with collage. If you already have a small piece that you would like to use for the project, please feel free to bring it. The piece will need 24 hours to dry so you will be able to pick them up the following day.


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