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CAEA ACC 2024 MIDWinter Classes

  WHEN: Saturday, March 9 2024

TIME: 8-3:00 

WHERE: Arapahoe Community College



Early Registration: Members - $95.00*, Non-Members - $110.00 *
Registration after February 25th and On-site Registration: Members - $110.00*, Non-Members - $125.00*


• Class sizes are LIMITED so SIGN UP FAST

• Conference begins at 8 AM and ends at 3 PM

• You got your first class choice unless otherwise notified.

• Bring water & necessary materials for your class.

• Breakfast and Lunch provided.

• Lunch served at 11:30 AM in Colorado Gallery of the Arts

• Park in lot J, Nevada Street. or in the RTD lot on Prince.


Jane Falkenburg



Workshop: 3D Illusion Painting 

Painting Trompe l’Oeil (tromp-loi) fool the eye, in Grisaille (gre’zi) shades of gray

Creating an ornamental architectural element, you will learn how to build the illusion of dimension and depth using the grisaille method. 

This faux technique has been used for centuries to paint moldings, columns and carvings.

Choose your own reference or from a selection I provide

Materials to Bring

  • 10x10” or 11x14” primed wood panel, (suggested size)

  • soft round artists paint brushes: sizes 2,4,6,8

  • a palette knife

  • a disposable paper palette or paper plates

  • paper or shop towels

  • water container

  • liquid acrylic paint:

  • titanium white

  • ivory black

  • yellow ocher

  • raw umber 

  • acrylic medium

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Dorothy Depaulo

Workshop: Exploring Colored Pencil on Drafting Film

In this course, we will begin by discussing all of the different types of colored pencils and how they are used. We will also discuss drafting film and how to choose the best drawing surface for your project. We'll discuss how to mix colors, techniques in applying color to the substrate, and how to use mixed media to enhance the colored pencil.We’ll use several different methods to erase and modify colored pencil drawing.This will be a hands-on class where we actually create a drawing using a step-by-step method. 


  • Drafting film

  • Reference material options

MATERIALS to bring: 

  • Wax based colored pencils set of 24 or more + 

    • Prismacolor black grape,

    •  Prismacolor indigo blue, 

  • Small container of “Formula 409” household cleaner (grocery store)

  • Mono zero elastomer eraser by Tombow (available at Meininger’s and Guiery’s)

  • Small soft brush (#2 or #3)

  • Q-tips, tissues, and a few sheets of paper towel.

  • 1” wide artist tape or painter’s tape

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (grocery store)

  • Pencil sharpener- battery powered (recommend Staples Slimline battery powered sharpener) 

Ramona Lapsley 


Workshop: Collography - Collaging with a Press

We will discover how to use various materials which are glued on a surface to create a printing plates.  We will ink the plates, and print with the use of the printing press.  This process is all about the fun of experimenting with flat, textural, low cost  materials to create beautiful and interesting printed images.

Materials Provided:

  • Tarlatan
  • Small selection of alternate printing papers

Materials to Bring

Most of these items you will have at home or in your classroom. 

  • Apron. 

  • Matboard ( various rectangles or squares. 

  • Scissors (regular and zigzag), 

  • Exacto knife, hole punch. 

  • Black oil paint or oil based printing ink (colors are optional-bring if you have them) 

  • Permanent sealant such as Modge podge or gloss varnish.  

  • Sponge brush or inexpensive flat brush.  

  • Quick drying glue/ glue stick.  

  • Plastic or rubber gloves. Rags,

  • Roll of paper towels or baby wipes.  

  • 2-4 sheets of 120+ lb. printmaking paper or watercolor paper. 

  • Hot glue gun 

  • modeling paste and palette knife

  • Variety of textured items: 

    • tape, sandpaper(various grades), foil, perforated ribbon, cheesecloth, burlap or loose woven thin fabric, produce netting, tagboard, yarn... anything else textured you want to bring that might be interesting to try.

Mike Keene

Workshop: Impressive Textures

Class participants will view and discuss stamped and impressed designs in building clay sculptures and will design and create texture stamps and rollers for their own design use.


  • Clay slabs

  • blank rollers

  • simple clay & carving tools

  • paper for sketching designs     

MATERIALS  to bring

  • sketch book for ideas

  • pencils, 

  • favorite basic clay tools & knives   

Lisa Luree

Join Lisa Luree in learning the mysteries of Lenormand Fortune telling.   Most people are familiar with Tarot cards, but fewer know the Lenormand system. Lenormand is a much simpler method of fortune telling that is intuitive and easy to understand.  We will explore the symbolism of the cards and begin the creation of your own 36 card deck.  We will cover Basic reading skills and how to interpret spreads. 


Supplied: 40 blank cards to create your own deck will be provided  - please Venmo $3.00 to Lisa Luree before class

Your own art supplies - ink, markers, watercolor, acrylic and oil all welcome!  

Amy Bailey



Create and Embellish Decals on Enamel

Learn how to use your own photos or drawings to create decals for vitreous enamels. In

class we will print, apply, and fire your decals on enameled shapes. The printer we have

creates sepia images when fired. We will be using kiln firing methods. The class will

then learn hand coloring using watercolor enamels and alternative techniques. Each

participant will be able to create pieces that could be turned into jewelry or small scale

wall pieces. 

  • No enameling or metalsmithing experience is necessary to take this


Materials to Bring

  • Bring digital images (around 6) of what you would like to be made into a decal. Images

need to be on a USB or you can email them to me in advance at 

  • Images need to be black and white for the decal. In

addition, I have found a color photo of the same image is helpful to reference if you

want to add hand coloring to it. If you have questions, email me.

Materials Fee is $10

This covers the decal paper, copper, and enamels.




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